A Vignette from My Life: #4

In three hours, the road would be theirs. An autumn road trip with leaves shimmering like gold–all to celebrate the girl’s birthday. Unfortunately, three hours was not soon enough. The boy barely knocked on the door when she threw it open, smiling and jabbering excitedly. And then he just said it: “I don’t think I…

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Proofread Anywhere Graduate!

I passed the exam for the General Proofreading Course! *happy dance* Now it’s time to set up a professional website.  Ya know, something other than my current WordPress blog that comes complete with ads.  I’m not a super tech-oriented person, so this should be an interesting endeavor for me. Wish me luck!

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Proofreading and Nature?

I’ve submitted my final exam for Caitlyn Pyle’s General Proofreading course! Actually, I submitted it a few days ago and already got it back. I missed some errors, so I had to correct and resubmit, which I just did. Ahh! I was afraid that I probably missed something, but I was pretty darn embarrassed by…

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A Vignette from My Life: #3

The sun scorched the day, yet a smile brightened the girl’s face.  Her toes drew lazy circles in the still water as her pole hung loosely from her hand. Suddenly, tension pulled the pole, and the girl excitedly jerked up, slowly reeling in her first fish.  Squealing in delight, the girl’s smile brightened even more,…

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