Hello New Blog!

On account of being bored and seeing other people switch from vox, I decided to start a new blog.  I’m not entirely sure what all it will entail, but I’m sure it will be quite enthralling.  *please note sarcasm*

So that’s my welcome to you all.

And please forgive me if I’m a little slow getting this going.

5 thoughts on “Hello New Blog!

  1. Hi Paige! I left too, but I try to cross post on vox with just a link when I remember. I really like wordpress now, I get way more hits than I ever got on vox and there’s a much bigger community of readers to meet and interact with.

    1. I think I’m going to like it too. Now that I’m slowly starting to figure out everything. That’s probably a good idea to post on vox too, but I have a hard enough time keeping one blog updated. =)

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