Rock’n’Roll, Baby.

Although I recently posted some news about Radio City on vox, I decided that I’d do the same here.  It is my new blog, so why not?

Radio City may be a small town rock band, but they definitely aren’t “Speaking with Nothing to Say.”  These four hard-working boys are on a mission, not only to get their music out there, but to make music that reaches people, that makes them feel understood.

After a year of playing in their hometown of Emporia, KS, Radio City is starting to expand their musical horizon.  They’ve started booking gigs in Kansas City, Wichita, and Lawrence; and, thanks to their new EP Tonights Not the Night, they’ve been played on radio stations in Manhattan and KC.

So what’s next?   The signing of their distribution contract, of course.  In a few months, everyone can find Radio City’s music on various online sites, such as iTunes.  And if things go really well, they’ll be featured on some random television show or movie.

Thanks to Eric’s heartfelt songs, unique cigarrette-rough voice, and tedious guitar playing; Jack’s killer bass riffs; Matt’s rock-star guitar thrashing, up-beat semi-screamo songs, and intriguingly unpredictable harmonization; Ryan’s literally bloody trap fills; and a little bit of luck, Radio City may actually start making some money.

Intrigued yet?  Check them out at and let me know what you think.  We’re all lovers of feedback, good and bad.

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