Review: Sense and Sensibility

I finished Sense and Sensibililty this past week, and I’m happy to say that I continued to enjoy it for the most part.  After spending an entire semester reading novels and plays with very similar plots, I was groaning by the end.  Another secret engagement?  More marriage for money?  And one couple truly in love?

I’m sure you can see how it would get old after awhile.

Although it’s called a review, I’m not actually going to give a review.  I’m writing my research paper over the depiction and role of intimate relationships, courtship, and marriage in Sense and Sensibility, so I decided I should put my energy into that instead.  Maybe once I’m finished, I’ll have something brilliant to say. =)

I think the one quick thing that I can say that will give everyone a sense of my Sense and Sensibility review is this: to all you Austen Addicts out there, I still may not entirely understand your obsession, but I don’t think you’re quite as crazy as I previously did. =)

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