Two Months Later…Again…

I’m horrible at keeping up with this blog.  I’ll continue my attempts though.

College Graduate: As of May 15, 2010, I am a college graduate!  I now officially have my B.S.E. in English.  I really don’t feel any different.  I was having problems finding a teaching job in an area that I wanted (apparently I need to be endorsed in Journalism, Speech, Forensics, and Debate to find a job), so I decided on grad school.

Grad School: The English grad advisor really wanted me to go to grad school, which made me feel pretty awesome, so he’s been working with me these last two weeks to get everything in order.  I’m officially enrolled in classes!  This fall I’ll be taking:

Teaching Practicum
Intro to Grad Studies
The American West in Lit/Film
Middle English Lit

He also assured me that I would get an assistantship, so I’ll be able to teach two comp classes.  By doing so, my tution will be waived and I’ll get a stipend.  I’m starting to get pretty excited.

There was a kink in my plans though.  Today my high school superintendent offered me a job teaching Freshman/Sophomore English.  I’ve thought about it, but I’m pretty certain I want to stick with the grad school plan.  I don’t think I could move back to my town of 500 people.  For one, I’d have to live with my parents because there aren’t really any rentals.  I love my parents, but I think it would be tough after awhile.  Plus teaching in my high school seems like it’d be strange, especially since all the same teachers are there.

Summer Plans: So now that I’m a graduate and have plans for the fall, I’ve been hunting for a summer job.  I haven’t had much luck.  I’ve applied to about 10 places thus far and continue to hunt.  There’s just not a lot available right now.  If I can’t find a job, I’m either going to enroll in summer classes and receive financial aid (a first for me, so I feel dumb because I’m not entirely sure how it all works) or I’m going to go home for the summer and work for my parents.  I’d still have to pay rent on my apartment though so that would suck.  Summer school would be fun.  There’s a class all about Sherlock Holmes.  I’ve never read any of the books, but I’m assuming it’d be a blast.  I’d need to be enrolled in four hours though, and it’s only three.  Dumb.

Speaking of apartments, Eric and I are going to start looking for a place together starting…very soon.  As long as he doesn’t back out on me that is.  We’ve both been in “I’m so stressed/freaked out! Leave me alone!” mode, so here’s hoping he doesn’t change his mind.  (He is a rather indecisive boy at times.)

Backtrack to Student Teaching: Student teaching ended fairly well.  They were hoodlums and stole my iPod.  I continue to blame myself even though I brought it to be nice and play very specific music for them to match the poem they were writing for the day.  I guess that’s what I get for being nice and stupid.  (I apparently have too much faith in people.)  I was ready to be finished, but then I cried when I got home after my last day.  We had parties with lots of cake and goodies.  Each student wrote me a little note in a card too.  Some of them were very sweet.  I also received two phone numbers and two marriage proposals.

Reading: I have completed one book since my life has gotten less chaotic–Hank the Cowdog.  Not a very intense read, but I felt like traveling down memory lane.  It was cute and funny.  I just started reading Jonathon Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke.  It’s good so far–hard to get into at first but good.  It’s rather long, but I’m hoping it won’t take up too much of my summer to finish.

Backtrack to Graduation: I got some pretty awesome gifts for graduation!  Everyone was very generous for being such tough times.  I received a good chunk of money which is always nice.  My sister made me an extraordinary tote!  I’ll try to post a picture soon.  It’s dark denim and has a simple city landscape stitched onto it.  Then there’s the Batman signal in the sky and Batgirl is on the bottom corner.  It’s amazing!  She’s so creative and talented!  She also made me a record notebook.  (Idea stolen from Etsy.)  It’s of a Pat Benatar record and is also fantastic!  Oh, and to go in the tote, she bought a little Batgirl billfold made from comic book pages and stashed “pop machine” money in it.  She’s the best sister ever!  My parents got me new dishes.  Fiestaware in Peacock Blue.  So pretty!  I also received random jewelry and they were super nice and replaced my iPod.  I don’t say this very often, but I really am very blessed.  My family has always been so supportive/loving/kind/helpful/considerate/generous/amazing/etc.

I think I’ve pretty much covered my life during the last two months.  I’ll try to be better at keeping this up-to-date.  No promises though.

Oh, one last thing!

Radio City Update: Eric’s still plucking away with Radio City.  This weekend is their first big gig run.  Thursday in Omaha, Friday in Emporia, Saturday in Tulsa.  They’ve been playing quite a bit and have a lot of shows scheduled for the summer.  They also booked studio time to professionally record a full-length album.   He also graduated by the way and is enrolled for grad school in the fall.  Gotta be that girlfriend and semi-brag on him. =)

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