Summer Adventure #1

To celebrate Memorial Day, Eric and I spent the day in the river–wading, fishing, and sunning. It was a nice relaxing day after his family reunion the previous two days.

It was perfect–until we got ready to leave that is. I looked down because my foot stung and noticed I had something by the edge of my river shoe. I initially thought it was some random river debris but I was wrong. It was a leech.

I thought I handled myself well. I stuck my foot out at Eric and continued to squeal “Get it off!” until he pried it off my foot. It bled a lot. Apparently they release stuff to stop your blood from clotting.

Anyway, while wiping off blood, I noticed that my friendly leech was a mother because all her little babies were still clinging to my foot.

Those little suckers were hard to grab so Eric scrubbed my foot with the nearby swimming towel.

I refused to carry the towel but Eric was nice and grabbed it for me and even offered to wash it to destroy all the little baby leeches.

As soon as I made it home, I took a scalding shower and scrubbed myself raw. The feeling of creepy crawlies on my skin has finally passed but I do have two red sores on my right foot from my leech.

It looks like a vampire bit my foot.

3 thoughts on “Summer Adventure #1

  1. I was just going to suggest salt. I see Michelle beat me to it, as I just saw this post 🙂 It makes them let go because salt dries them out. PS- It might sting a little if your “wound” is bigger because you might get some salt in it.

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