This is today’s chosen method of procrastination.

What better time to catch up on my poor, neglected blog then when I have major papers/projects due?  I know I certainly can’t think of one, but that could be because my supply of motivation has run dry.

So let’s begin the update.

First, grad school blows.  Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching composition, but that’s where the love begins and ends.  I’m student-ed out.  It doesn’t help that I find the majority of the classes I’m taking this semester fairly worthless.  (I’ll spare you that never-ending rant, though.)  What am I looking forward to the most, you ask?  This semester ending.  All that stands in my way is the following:

  1. 12-page paper over Milton’s Paradise Lost and Pullman’s His Dark Materials
  2. Teaching unit over a human-interest essay complete with objectives, teaching notes, teacher’s notes, handouts, criteria sheet, peer response guide, and rubric.  Add on a 5-page paper explaining my rationale, and it’s complete
  3. 7-page paper over Surrealist movies
  4. 1 reaction paper over a Surrealist movie
  5. 1 book, A Thousand Acres
  6. 36 research papers that need to be graded

When do I have to complete all of these items?  Too soon.  The last item is due not quite two weeks from today, but the majority are due next week.  True, I’ve known for many, many weeks that these projects were due; but unfortunately, my motivation disappeared back toward the end of February.  Will I complete everything?  Sure.  Will they be amazing.  Unlikely.  Will I go celebrate by eating awesome Mexican food and drinking $1 margaritas?  Without a doubt, yes.

Once this semester is over, I get to go to London.  I know I should be beyond excited, but school has gotten me so depressed that I’m having a hard time acting excited.  I’m hoping once this semester is officially over the excitement will come rushing in.  Oh . . . by the way . . . I need a paper topic for my London trip.  I’m pathetic and can’t think of anything to write about.  It can be absolutely anything–place, person, event, etc.  Suggestions are always welcome.

After London, I’ll be taking a class over Arthurian Legend in Lit and Film.

After Arthurian Legend in Lit and Film, fall semester begins.  This means thesis writing is just around the corner.   Oh joy . . .

I agree with Eric.  (He’s also suffering through grad school right now.)  The hardest part about getting your Master’s degree is actually staying in school long enough to get your Master’s degree.

This is all my life consists of at the moment.  If  you want to see what I’ve read, check out the “Books Read in 2011” tab.  They’re mostly for school.  One day I’ll have time to read whatever I want to read.  For now?  I’ll quit complaining and get back to work.

Hope your lives are much less complaint-filled.

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