A Feeling of Discontentment

A feeling of discontentment.

It’s a horrible feeling, especially when I know that, in the larger context of the world, I have a lot going on for me.  I’ve been struggling with this feeling for years now, though, and a lot of it stems from my job.

I know as an educator that I should find fulfillment to the extreme in what I do, but I think I’ve lost my passion.  I’m burnt out.  I’m tired of always having the stress of grading hanging over my head.  I’m tired of feeling guilty for not being more involved in my students’ extracurricular activities.  I’m tired of continuously feeling like I’m not doing enough, well enough, for my students.

It’s exhausting to feel this way–to typically dread, in some way, going to work.

It’s also terrifying to consider switching professions.  With a mortgage, student loans, and a car payment, steady income is essential.

But I want to make a change.

I want to start my own online proofreading business.

Maybe saying that aloud is what I need to do to start the process of feeing content.

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