Another Step in My Proofreading Journey

I mentioned a few days ago that I began working on Caitlin Pyle’s General Proofreading course.

I’ve currently made it through all of the one-page exercises and approximately one-and-a-half practice essay sets.  Yay!

Here are just a few of my thoughts on the experience thus far:

  1. There is such a wide variety in regard to the content of the essays! This makes it less monotonous, and I imagine that it will better prepare me for actual proofreading jobs.
  2. I have both a BSE and a MA in English, and I’ve taught English and/or Composition courses for eight years. I have a TOUGH time not completing major editing on many of the sample essays. So many of them just sound . . . bad . . . to me because I’m used to thinking in a solely academic mindset. I’m finding this extremely challenging.
  3. I still need to purchase CMOS, but I’m holding out for just a bit longer because $$$. I’ll be interested to look through this reference, though, because it seems like some of the punctuation rules are possibly different from the MLA rules that I typically follow. This makes it a little tricky because I mark changes that aren’t marked on the keys.
  4. Since I’ve graded a lot of papers (see #2), I’ve marked up documents a couple of ways. I’ve obviously marked up papers the old-school way–paper and pen. I’ve also marked up papers in the app Notability. Because I’ve had plenty of experience with Notability, I’ve been marking up the practice essays in Microsoft Word. I’d like to choose a few other methods to try, as well, but I do like Word pretty well actually.

Overall, I feel like the Proofread Anywhere course has been pretty helpful so far. It’s providing me with some great practice opportunities. We’ll see how I feel once I get to that full-fledged exam, though!

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